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Membership Program Returning

It’s been almost six years now since I made the decision to start doing exercises to build arches. I still remember that time fondly and the excitement that came with checking my progress every week.

Back then, the site existed as a simple blog. Even though there were probably very few visitors in the early days, I still enjoyed posting updates and writing about my journey as I tried to do something that, initially, I wasn’t even sure was possible.

Looking back, I would consider starting the process of working to build arches one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I look at old videos of what my feet were doing when I walked they’re almost painful to watch.

In a sense, having this website contributed to my success because it kept me going. I felt a responsibility to keep researching and experimenting to find out what types of exercises I needed to be doing for the best possible result.

When I started, there was very little information available on correcting flat feet with exercise. The best reference I came across was a book published in 1915!

Over the years I’ve worked to make this site a quality resource for anyone in that same situation by documenting the exercises and changes I made to build arches and reduce pronation.

Membership Launch

I started a membership program for the site a couple of years ago to help support the site and provide an in-depth look at everything that went into my program. Membership registration has been on hold for a while as I wanted to make upgrades on the back-end of the site and reorganize some of the content.

I’m excited to announce that most of the work has been completed and registration will be opening up again. Everything appears to be running smoothly, but the work won’t truly be finished until members have had a chance to sign up and provide feedback.

What Comes with Membership

There’s a lot of great content in the membership area that builds on some of the information already presented on the site. There are five main sections:

  • Guides: fundamental concepts for the program
  • Routines: pre-made grouping of exercises
  • Exercise Library: listings and descriptions of  individual exercises
  • Q&A: a section where I post responses to reader questions
  • Special Topics: other aspects of my program not covered in any of the other sections

I’ve been adding videos as much as possible, since these seem to be a popular feature, and plan to add more so every topic can have an accompanying video.

What Doesn’t Come with Membership

One of the challenges with running a site like this is that I often get requests from people looking for individual advice for their problems. I understand why someone would seek out answers and I sincerely wish I could help everybody.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any specific treatment advice or recommendations through the site. The best I can do is demonstrate and explain as clearly as possible what helped in my situation.

Although I definitely think that in many cases flat feet can be improved with exercises, I want to be clear that what I’m offering is a not a program that promises results.

Maybe one day there will be enough research to say how effective a program like this is. But, for now, this is simply what worked for me. Hopefully, this information will be helpful for many others.

Early Access Registration

Since the membership program is still in the early-access phase, I’m offering a discount for anyone interested in signing up before the official launch. The sale will run until the end of September. The regular price for a subscription is $20 for one year of access (one-time payment, non-recurring).

For previous members with old accounts looking to re-activate their memberships, please contact me before signing for instructions for renewing.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you decide membership isn’t for you, just email me within 60 days from the purchase date and I’ll refund 100% of the cost of your order, no questions asked.

I appreciate any and all feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

About James Speck

James is a physical therapist with a special interest in the foot and ankle. He created this site to share his own journey toward better arches. Read more