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How To Fix Flat Feet

Building arches with exercise.
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Fix Flat Feet Program

For most of my life I had flat feet. Not knowing any differently, I had accepted that there was nothing that could be done to change them. Then, a few years ago, I started to question the conventional belief that flat feet are a permanent condition. Using the knowledge of anatomy and exercise I've gained during my career as a physical therapist, I decided one day to try to fix the problem by doing foot exercises.

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My results after a few months...

No Longer Flat Feet

Over the course of several months I developed normal arches in my feet. After seeing these changes in myself, I now strongly believe that many cases of flat feet are reversible with good old-fashioned exercise.


Fix Flat Feet Arch Before


Fix Flat Feet Arch After


Flat Feet 101

Covering the basics of fallen arches.

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The Program

Discover exercises to build strong feet.

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The most frequently asked questions.

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